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AXA Car InsuranceAXA is one of the world’s leading insurers, serving over 103 million customers across 64 countries. Their name was introduced in 1985, but their timeline stretches as far back as 1817. This French financial services giant has for much of their history been locked in a fierce rivalry with Germany’s Allianz. Each remain evenly matched today. Here in the UK, AXA’s user base is headed as 10 million. This could have dropped down now though since they have recently sold off some of their operations. This includes their investment products that were sold on to Standard Life and their life insurance through SunLife has been sold to the Phoenix Group. These deals went through in October 2016.

They now cater healthcare and insurance through With the latter there are various niches served such as home, landlord, travel etc. We are of course interested in their cover for cars here. This is available through the featured company and also Swiftcover that was acquired in 2007. With the seal of Defaqto’s 5 star rating, you can be assured of premium quality here. They have historically been one of the more competitively priced insurers as well. Coverage is headed from £226 onwards. This is higher than what other big insurers tend to promote (commonly £180 to £200). They list the key features of a courtesy car, lifetime guarantee on repairs, uninsured driver promise and wrong fuel cover.

A dash cam discount is available, headed as high as 10%. When past comparison search tests have been made, this insurer has frequently appeared in high ranking spots. They’ll be gaining lots of business through this channel since Swiftcover are also listed and the pair also get listings for their Plus policies that includes legal assistance. A full AXA car insurance login facility is attached to Here you can make quick policy changes, print your documents etc. Changes made when logged in your account take on no admin fees, but these are payable when you ring them and ask them to make edits. Their phone number for support is 0330 024 1158.

Support is available from Monday to Friday (8am/8pm), Saturday (9am/5pm) and Sunday (10am/4pm). There wouldn’t be much of a difference whether you opted for this company or Swiftcover. AXA’s name does certainly carry weight though since they are one of the global leaders. Unlike other majors such as Aviva and Direct Line, the advantage here is that you can quickly compare their prices against the competition on comparison sites. You can also expect them to be ranking favourably in your searches whether you are a new or experienced driver. It has been surprising though that they haven’t chosen to head down the telematics route yet that is a rapidly growing market, especially with younger drivers.