Compare the Market vs Confused vs GoCompare vs MoneySuperMarket

Compare the Market vs Confused vs GoCompare vs MoneySuperMarketHere we’ll be pitting the 4 major insurance comparison sites against each other. Each has become a household name with their innovation changing the way that most of us buy car insurance online. Just a single owner is a major direct insurer and 3/4 are based in Wales. 2 of the founders were women. Confused’s Sara Murray was in fact first to market and so who knows where we would be without her vision. She has perhaps been as important to the industry as Bet365’s Denise Coates has been to online gambling. You’ll come to learn that Compare the Market vs MoneySuperMarket has become the clash of the titans in that battle for dominance.


Compare the Market Magical Rewards: Meerkat Movies and Frozen Toy

Compare the Market Meerkat MoviesRewarding customers has been a winning concept for Compare the Market. They had started out with the Meerkat Toy Collection back in 2011. Within a year they had shipped out over 1 million toys that proved that incentivising was the right way to go. This makes you wonder why their comparison site rivals didn’t follow the same pathway. The central reward available here is Meerkat Movies that is a partnership in place with Cinema First. This was launched in 2015 when they took over the reigns of Orange Wednesday that had started in 2003. The Orange brand was of course phased into EE who went on to replace with the EE Film Club, but this has already closed.


Dash Cam Car Insurance: Cam Prices and Cover Discounts

Dash Cam Car InsuranceA few months into 2014 it was reported that Swiftcover would be offering a 10% discount for drivers that had a dash cam fitted. Swiftcover’s owner (AXA) themselves went on to do the same for their own product. This was the first direct insurer to offer such discounts, but what wasn’t reported was that a broker (Adrian Flux) had been incentivising up to 15% since 2012. You may be familiar with this brand through their historic heavy promotion in the Max Power magazines. RAC who sell the devices online had promoted a £30 discount, although we couldn’t spot any note of this on their site (including their quote form). As we’re aware, no other insurers have joined the trend.