Compare the Market Magical Rewards: Meerkat Movies and Frozen Toy

Compare the Market Meerkat MoviesRewarding customers has been a winning concept for Compare the Market. They had started out with the Meerkat Toy Collection back in 2011. Within a year they had shipped out over 1 million toys that proved that incentivising was the right way to go. This makes you wonder why their comparison site rivals didn’t follow the same pathway. The central reward available here is Meerkat Movies that is a partnership in place with Cinema First. This was launched in 2015 when they took over the reigns of Orange Wednesday that had started in 2003. The Orange brand was of course phased into EE who went on to replace with the EE Film Club, but this has already closed.

Compare the Market Frozen Toy (Ayana and Elsa)Meerkat Movies is the same 2 for 1 cinema ticket deal, but they have opened up another day for usage. The voucher can be used once weekly either on a Tuesday or Wednesday. This membership lasts 12 months from the date of purchase of car insurance (or other qualifying product). The easiest way to access your weekly code is to download their app or you can instead login to your account and print it. “Magical Rewards” is the latest promotion that combines the 2 for 1 deal plus a limited edition Disney Frozen toy. For this, the choice of Ayana dressed as Elsa (Queen Elsa of Arendelle) or Oleg dressed as Olaf (Snowman) is available subject to availability.

Compare the Market Frozen Toy (Oleg and Olaf)This combo offer can be claimed between the 22nd December 2016 and the 3rd March 2017. We’ll have to see whether it is extended. I wouldn’t hold much hope of it lasting until the release of Frozen 2 that is set to arrive in 2018. A claim is possible to those that buy a qualifying product through In the case of a car insurance policy, they’ll look to fetch 110 prices. Independent research has reported that 50% of customers could save £282 and so it’s a win, win for those who like to catch all of the latest movies. Pretty useless of course for those that don’t have a date or friend to take along.

Participating cinemas would be an initial concern for those unaware of the promotion. The good news is that the 3 biggest chains are included (Odeon, Cineworld and Vue). To provide some approx location counts, Odeon has 110 cinemas, Cineworld has 80 plus there are 20 Picturehouse within the Group. Then we have Vue with 85. Note that they may restrict specific locations from this promotion. There is a handy Compare the Market cinema search to pick out local participating cinemas. For someone that loves to check out the latest flix this is a great offer considering that the average cinema ticket price floats between £7 and £8. Throw in some popcorn and an outing gets expensive.

This concept also works well for the big chains. You can usually head into an early morning screening on a Tuesday or Wednesday and have the entire row to yourself. We are all aware of the challenges that these businesses have faced in the modern internet age where Amazon Prime and Netflix are just a mere click away. The bigger concern for them is however those dodgy streaming sites targeting the brand new releases, but on the flipside they don’t make things easy for themselves by charging extortionate prices for drinks and popcorn. You also don’t see much incentive to head their way unless you are a serious moviegoer on a plan like Cineworld Unlimited.

The Cineworld Unlimited cost is £17.40 monthly or £19.90 (including London West End). This subscription lasts 12 months or you can buy in a single payment for £208.80 or £238.80 (LWE). It is strange that you don’t receive a discount when paying up in a lump sum. With an active subscription you can watch whenever you please and receive 10% off drinks and snacks. This bumps to 25% after a year when Premium kicks in. If Meerkat Movies and Frozen Toy sounds good, then check out Magical Rewards. Outside of this deal, there is The Toy Collection. These can be picked up for additional qualifying product purchases made within the 12 month time frame that you bought cover.

Compare the Market The Toy Collection