Dash Cam Car Insurance: Cam Prices and Cover Discounts

Dash Cam Car InsuranceA few months into 2014 it was reported that Swiftcover would be offering a 10% discount for drivers that had a dash cam fitted. Swiftcover’s owner (AXA) themselves went on to do the same for their own product. This was the first direct insurer to offer such discounts, but what wasn’t reported was that a broker (Adrian Flux) had been incentivising up to 15% since 2012. You may be familiar with this brand through their historic heavy promotion in the Max Power magazines. RAC who sell the devices online had promoted a £30 discount, although we couldn’t spot any note of this on their site (including their quote form). As we’re aware, no other insurers have joined the trend.

Admiral and Esure are apparently keeping an eye on how things turn out with Swiftcover’s offer over the coming years. So just what is a dash cam? This gadget (often termed dashcam) is a dashboard camera that records a driver’s view of the road ahead. When fitted, this delivers evidence of what happened should an accident occur. If another driver was to blame then this would help to quickly settle the claim, that in turn would save time and money for the insurer since no further investigation will be required. Fraud is of course keeping premiums high these days. Such a device would help to play its part in beating those crooked Crash for Cash scams.

It has also been reported that the fitting of such a gadget makes motorists more cautious with their driving that can only be a good thing (as also seen with those on telematics plans). To pick out a few examples of the Halfords dash cam prices, their cheapest stocked item was the Nextbase 112 dash cam at £49. The most expensive choice was the BlackVue DR650S-2CH dash cam at £329.95. Halfords will professionally fit for £30. The more basic designs record footage at 720p and usually do the job well enough. The high-spec cams usually include a rear camera and they capture higher quality footage. Rear footage does help, but AXA only request recording the road ahead.

They prefer professional installation, but are happy for you do it yourself if you can. Their 10% saving (this excludes add-ons) requires a permanent fitment. New and renewing customers qualify. Should there be an accident then they’ll ask you to send them footage. They may occasionally request drivers to send proof that it is working correctly. Some good news is that whilst Swiftcover also heads 10%, they have now extended this to 12.5% if you opt for Nextbase. Their noted 112 model above is just £49. What we like about AXA/Swiftcover is that they don’t discriminate the level of saving that is great for younger drivers who have to foot high premiums.

To summarise, the cam prices usually range from £50 up to £330. Anything cheaper than £50 is likely to be a bit flimsy and should be avoided. Going with AXA can see 10% and Swift stretches to 12.5% if you buy Nextbase. Adrian Flux promotes the largest saving of 15%. They are however a broker and you’ll need to receive a quote by phone. They also request more premium specific cams. It doesn’t appear that such a discount is available through Flux Direct that is their brand targeted at comparison sites. We’d recommend opting with Swiftcover who themselves are found on such searches and they usually rank in the first few spots even before any such discount is applied.