GoSkippy Car Insurance @ www.goskippy.com

GoSkippy Car InsuranceGoSkippy Insurance was launched by Arron Banks in late 2012. You may be familiar with the founder through his financial support of UKIP that received a lot of attention from the media. This project served from www.goskippy.com was inspired by the Skippy the Bush Kangaroo character from the Australian TV series that screened in the late 60s. Whilst branded under the single name, they are searched considerably more as Go Skippy. This brand arises from Eldon Insurance Services Ltd who also have an in-house underwriter called Southern Rock. Whilst they have underwritten GoSkippy’s policies for some time, this company is headed as a broker. The reason being that they do actually use a larger panel of insurers.

Allianz, AXA, Covea, LV and Pinnacle are just a few of the names listed in their policy documents section. They have managed to make a name for themselves for delivering cheap motor quotes over the years. You may have spotted their listings on the 4 major comparison sites where they perform very well for pricing. Using this channel to their advantage, they have emerged as one of the fastest growing brokers in the UK and they now have a loyal following behind them with over 10,800 fans joined on Facebook. Other than cars, they do extend to bike, home and van cover. With low cost coverage as a central focus, the policy itself is quite stripped down.

It’s tricky to get a clear picture of what features are included since they headline the plus points as features and as optional extras directly on www.goskippy.com. The best approach would be to compare their quotes on any of the top comparison sites, where you can see just what is included based on your personal settings. There is no GoSkippy login facility and so you’ll need to pick up a phone if you for instance wished to change your address with them. Doing such a thing would trigger an admin fee. This broker’s customer support number is 0344 840 6302. This line is live between Monday and Thursday (9am/8pm), Friday (9am/7pm) and Saturday (9am/4pm).