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Sainsbury's Car InsuranceThere has been signs that Sainsbury’s could be heading back to their glory days that they enjoyed from formation in 1869 right through to the 1980s. In 2015 they managed to overtake Asda to become the 2nd largest supermarket chain and more recently J Sainsbury Plc has solidified their retail credentials through the acquisition of Argos. They have managed to put many leading banks to shame through their banking division that started out in 1997 as a partnership with Lloyds although that share has now been reclaimed. They have shined in the personal loans sector and have for some time offered the market leading rate (currently 3.1% APR). Their bank now has 1.7 million customers.

Growth has been impressive, yet they are still dwarfed by Tesco’s banking equivalent that has 7.6 million customers. There are many financial products promoted through We are looking at the Sainsbury’s car insurance here that is underwritten by DLG’s U K Insurance Ltd. There is a standard policy available and then Premier Cover that comes with extra bells and whistles. This is a 5 star Defaqto rated policy, whilst the standard offering has 4 stars. The starter package includes several features including for instance an uninsured driver promise, a courtesy car (via approved repairers), multi-car discount, shopping replacement (up to £200), windscreen repair and up to 25% off for Nectar shoppers.

The main added perks of Premier include double Nectar points for up to 2 years, an enhanced courtesy car and vandalism coverage. Both policies can be searched for on comparison sites. We have seen them ranking very highly as well. It is the Nectar savings that helps to differentiate this solution to that of Direct Line. It would be ideal to see web servicing provided, but there is no Sainsbury’s car insurance login in place at The portal that they provide is specific to banking, credit cards and savings. Customer support is available on the number of 0800 210 0247. Calls are taken between Monday and Friday (8am/9pm), Saturday (9am/5pm) and Sunday (10am/5pm).